Sunday, June 7, 2015

Character of Copenhagen - part 2

This is a second part of the "Character of Copenhagen". Please leave your comments below! Thanks!
6. Famous Friday nights! Once the work week is coming to an end, everybody is suddenly so happy and excited cause TGIF! Private life begins! It's extremely hard to find sober people on Friday nights at the streets of Copenhagen. Everyone is drunk and happy! You can find so many talented singers among the drunken danes. Most of them you'll run into when walking by the pedestrian street "Stroget".
The only way to understand all this people is you yourself getting drunk as well - then you'll be on the same frequency. In case you decide to stay away from the alcoholic experience, you'll have even more fun as all this drunk people will try to communicate with you - and - yes, that's much more fun that you can imagine!

7. Once we are talking about drinking nights we have to mention a Danish beer culture. Everybody in Denmark drinks beer. No exceptions. That should be quite expected as Carlsberg and Tuborg are produced right here. But beside this top brands, you can find a huge number of not so popular brews, still offering some good stuff.
Interesting thing to mention is that depending on the period of the year you will get different offers from breweries. In example, if you are here around Christmas, I am sure you'll get a chance to taste so called Christmas beer - "Jule ├śl".

8. Danes, especially ladies, are very well organized nation. A lot of people are organizing them selves using small calendars and personal notebooks. It's not a surprise if you try to schedule a meeting with some of your friends and you get an answer that they can't go for a coffee for next two months, but you can do it at some certain date at certain time and place, two months from today ;)
Even though this might sound very unusual to some people, I think it's very practical and aligned with todays pace of life. Time is money, and you always want to have good times!

9. I've recently had a lunch together with a colleague, and he made a funny comment about dinning habits of Copenhagen people: "We all gonna turn into rabbits after all this green food :)"
Yes, people here tend to eat healthy food. But they also know how to enjoy in good bites!
In-spite the fact that Danish national menu is not so reach, there are still some good dishes that I always enjoy!
I will follow up more thoroughly on food in upcoming post ...
In a meantime, keep in mind that for the past 3 years, famous Copenhagen restaurant "Noma" was voted as the best Michelin star restaurant in the world. 3 years in a row is not a flow, it's something special!
10. Denmark belongs to the group of countries with highest living standard. There are countries like Norway, etc. with higher GDP, but they cannot compete with Denmark with quality of everyday life where Denmark is so convenient.. There are plenty of  foreigners who come to Denmark just because they feel so safe around.

To be continued...

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