Saturday, July 17, 2010

Copenhagen Boat tours around Christianshavn

If you ever end up as a tourist in Copenhagen, great way to see the city from a different angle, and in a very short amount of time, is to take a boat tour. There're 2 main companies that offer this service, and it super simple to find them via google. Good parts are:
- you can hop on/off at multiple places
- you can seat inside/outside
- they visit all the main attractions and stop for photo opportunity
- they are worth the money
- even Danes use them from time to time

So if you ever end up in Copenhagen, don't miss your opportunity to jump on a tour. And please comment below with your experience and photos!


Liliana said...

Hvala za ideje, na Linked In-u sam videla tvoje ime tj. prezime, pogledala sam Blog i videla ovaj prelepi widget za knjige koji sam postavila i ja. Takodje dobar je i ovaj template Bloggera za fotografije koji cu preporuciti drugarici kojoj je to potrebno. Eto slucajno si mi pomogao. Fotografije su ti prelepe. Hvala i pozdrav Ljiljana Panic

Amber said...

Great blog! I love your city so much. I loved your vine people who drink at Noma post. Hope to find my wine in their recycling one day!

Ken Mac said...

coming to your city soon and am so excited !